It’s a Wrap On This Year’s Safety Video Contest

To help our communities learn more about electric safety, we asked customers to spread the message of safety in a 30-second video.

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Our thanks to all who entered their videos. Watch them all to learn more about safety around electricity.
  • Congratulations to Calvin Winkler, our grand prize winner.
  • See all of this year’s videos on our Facebook page.
  • May is National Electrical Safety Month.
In honor of National Electrical Safety Month, we asked our customers to make and enter a 30-second video in our second annual KCP&L Be Safe Video Contest. The videos were uploaded to KCP&L’s Facebook page, and we invited all KCP&L customers to help pick the winners by voting for their favorites.

This year’s grand prize winner, Calvin Winkler from Overland Park, Ks., will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card and 6 tickets to an upcoming Royals game. Watch the winning video

Other winners include:
  • People’s ChoiceAnitra Scott from Raytown, Mo., won a $250 Visa Gift Card and 4 tickets to a Royals game.  
  • Best Safety Message: Ashlee Davis from Overland Park, Ks., won a $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Most Adorable: Joshua Weinstock from Olathe, Ks., won a $100 Visa Gift Card 
  • Most Creative: Jeff Van Bockern from Overland Park, Ks., won a $100 Visa Gift Card
Visit our YouTube page to see all the videos and brush up on your safety knowledge.

Tips to keep you safe indoors 

  • Unplug appliances and tools when not in use. Pull the plug, not the cord. 
  • Don’t overload outlets, and be smart about how you use extension cords. Avoid stringing multiple cords together or running them through areas where they might become worn or severed. 
  • Make sure light bulbs are the right wattage for the fixture. 

Outdoor electric safety tips

  • Ladders and power lines don’t mix. When carrying a ladder, always look up to ensure you don’t make contact with a power line. Be aware of power lines coming into your home before you climb a ladder. If possible, use a fiberglass or wooden ladder when working around the house. 
  • Never touch a downed power line or use anything to try to move it. Assume it's live, and call KCP&L to report it. Keep children and pets away from it also. 
  • Before you dig or excavate for any planting or improvement project, protect yourself and avoid costly utility interruptions. Call 8-1-1 before you dig to get the location of all underground utilities. Plan landscaping to provide good yard-wide visibility 3-7 feet above the ground.

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