KCP&L Clean Charge Network

The Kansas City region is now one of the best places to own an electric vehicle.

KCP&L Clean Charge NetworkThe KCP&L Clean Charge Network consists of more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations — more than any other U.S. city. This is great news for our region, whether or not you currently own an electric vehicle (EV). 

Questions about Electric Vehicles?

Wondering which electric vehicle is ideal your needs? Interested in EV events and news? Do you want to learn from the real-world experiences of other EV drivers in our community? We have the information you need!

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Good for Electric Car Owners (Current & Future)

Electric vehicles save thousands of dollars
Gas-powered cars cost around three times as much per mile to fuel compared to electric vehicles. With the KCP&L Clean Charge Network, many charging stations are free to use.

More charging stations where you work and play
With more than 1,000 stations throughout the greater KC area, electric car owners have the freedom to travel throughout the city with ease. (No "range anxiety!”)

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Good for the Kansas City region 

Gaining a reputation for innovation
Kansas City and surrounding areas are building a reputation as innovative and sustainable places to live and work, a reputation that’s attracting companies and talent.

Increasing and attracting electric car owners
We’re ahead of the charge! The KCP&L Clean Charge Network can support more than 10,000 electric vehicles, and we plan to. We hope this infrastructure encourages more Kansas City drivers to purchase electric vehicles, as well as encourage electric vehicle owners to visit our region.

Reducing carbon emissions
Personal gas-powered cars account for nearly one-fifth of all U.S. emissions. By banding together to reduce carbon emissions, we’ll help the Kansas City region attain EPA regional ozone standards and make it a cleaner, better place to live and work.