Hot Summer Relief

Hotter summer temperatures mean higher bills, and KCP&L wants to help.

Why does my bill seem higher than usual?

With the U.S. setting a new three-month record for the hottest summer, it takes more energy than ever to cool your home this year. That also means you're probably seeing a higher bill, even if you're on budget billing (due to recent updates). As a result, we want to help you alleviate the stress that comes with a higher energy bill. 

How is KCP&L helping?

We're temporarily expanding customer payment options and delaying residential disconnections. Throughout the month of September, KCP&L won't disconnect residential customers and will also offer a four-month period to pay off any balances.

When can I utilize expanded payment options?

You can call the KCP&L customer care center after the Labor Day holiday at (816) 471-5275 or (888) 471-5275. Disconnect notices (like letters or phone calls) will still continue just so that customers know their balance and can work toward paying it off to avoid disconnection once this grace period ends on Sept. 30. Learn more

What else can I do?

Although you don't have control over the heat outside, you can monitor and take control of the energy usage in your home when your bill is rising. Find out how below...

Customer Help

If you need more help with your bill, take a look at our financial assistance options. You can also start utilizing Budget Billing anytime to help keep your monthly bills more consistent throughout the year.

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