Business Energy Rebates – Custom

Apply for custom rebates for energy-efficiency projects not included in our standard rebate program.

Industrial pipes and machineryLooking to make energy-efficiency upgrades to your business, but you don’t see what you need on our list of standard rebates?

Custom rebates are available for projects not included in Standard rebates. Examples of custom projects may include HVAC systems, building controls and refrigeration projects. 

Custom rebates are calculated at a flat rate of $0.10/kWh saved. For example, if your project will save 50,000 kWh in energy, your company will earn a rebate of $5,000. And if you need help getting started, our Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing can help you overcome up-front cost barriers and fund qualifying energy efficiency property improvements.


How it works

Please note that Custom rebates require written pre-approval prior to the purchase and installation of equipment/materials. Projects are reviewed to ensure they meet KCP&L’s benefit vs. cost analysis, which accounts for energy savings, usage profile and incremental cost.

To get started:

To collect your Custom rebates:

A closer look at the custom rebate process

Customer projects require pre-approval prior to the purchase or installation of the project. The steps are outlined below. Bolded items denote the steps that are the responsibility of the customer.
  1. Customer submits pre-approval application.
  2. Initial application review conducted.
  3. Application submitted for engineering review.
  4. Pre-approval notice issued to customer.
  5. Customer begins installation process.
  6. Customer notifies program of modifications to the project scope or timeline.
  7. Customer submits final application along with invoices and supporting detail.
  8. Final review and engineering review conducted.
  9. Final approval notice issued.
  10. Check incentive or bill credit issued.

Process timeline

  • Pre-approval: Approximately 2-3 weeks to review and preapprove
  • Final review: Approximately 2-3 weeks to review
  • Inspections: A pre- and post-inspection may be required for project approval.
  • Payment: Approximately 3-4 weeks to issue payment


Custom project guidelines

  • Custom rebates are available for existing and new facilities. Customers may apply for individual or multiple efficiency measures within the same facility or across multiple sites.
  • Projects must be pre-approved prior to the purchase and installation of equipment/materials.
  • Projects must be completely installed and operational no later than 90 days from the pre-approval notice date, unless otherwise noted. 
  • A complete custom final application must be received by the Program no later than 120 days from pre-approval notice date, unless otherwise noted. 
  • Pre-approval rebates are granted and funds are reserved according to your original submittal. Scope changes can impact your rebate, up to and including project ineligibility. 
  • Many pre-approval notifications include specific contingencies that must be met. Failure to comply with stated contingencies can impact your rebate, up to and including project ineligibility. 
  • A post installation inspection may be required to verify installation completion and validate project energy savings. 
  • The rebate will be issued after the successful completion of the project, final engineering review has been conducted, and the final approval notice has been issued.

Note: Standard and Custom rebates are capped at a total annual incentive of $500,000, per tax ID and per territory.

Kansas customers

Although many of our programs apply only to Missouri customers, we’re working hard to offer Kansas customers the same opportunity to save. We are in the process of requesting approval from Kansas Corporation Commission and hope to launch new programs in 2017. In the meantime, Energy Analyzer can help small businesses better understand their energy use and find customized tips to save. Log in to your online account to begin.